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Lens Hood

Lens Hood
Lens Hood
i am having a bit of trouble with my SLR camera's lens hood can anyone help?

can i use my lens hood with a filter? when i put my lens hood on my camera and i half click the shutter button to get the auto focus my lens hood turns with the lens i think that doesn't suppose to happen. can anyone help?

Lenses that have the front element rotate as they focus (eg: Nikon or Canon 18-55mm), must take circular hoods that are designed for them. The generic "pedal" hoods, though they look neater, will cause problems.

As to your main question - if the front element rotates, then the filters and hood will also rotate. Some lenses are designed to not do this, but on others, it is perfectly normal.

Yes, you can use your lenshood with a filter, but the recommended order is to attach a uv or 1a protective filter first, then the hood. You might use a polarizer, but there are few filters really needed for modern digital cameras.

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