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Lens Canon

Lens Canon
Lens Canon

Canon Ixus 870 Is

Admittedly, appearance should be one of the last factors considered by prospective camera buyers but there is no doubt that the
Canon 870
is a fairly attractive piece of technical equipment. The "gold" finished version is like a piece of jewellery. Size wise it\'s about the same as a packet of poker cards and that means it can fit into a handbag or pocket.

Underneath the aesthetics, the Canon 870 contains some serious camera technology. A wider angle of view than most of its competitors is due to the lens being the equivalent of a 28mm-112mm lens. Canon\'s image-stabilization technology was once only seen only on high-end models. Now also a feature of the Canon Ixus 870 IS, his means that with a bit of effort you can produce acceptably sharp images without a tripod down to about 1/25 of a second.

Also available in the Canon 870 is automatic face detection. This works pretty well and usually can detect a face even in part-profile. There is even a gimmicky Face Self-Timer function that will wait for you to rejoin the group before it photographs the group. Nineteen scene modes have been added, including a 30fps VGA movie mode and a nifty macro setting.

The Canon Ixus 870 IS boasts Canon\'s DIGIC 4 processing technology that promises less noise at higher ISO settings but still there is much noise at 1600 ISO which is not-bad considering the class of camera.

Featuring an 28mm wide-angel lens, the Canon Ixus 870 IS takes great photos of beautiful landscapes and great group shots. Viewing your favorite photos has never been so good with the awesome 3.0 inch PureColor LCD screen.

It\'s not a "serious"
Canon Digital camera
in the usual sense and no one is going to mistake the Canon 870 for one. For example, you won\'t find an optical viewfinder or manual mode. But no biggie if all you want are fabulous photos, then this camera won\'t disappoint.
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