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Lens Board

Lens Board
Lens Board
How do the on board cameras in NASCAR automatically clean themselves?

A lot of times, when you are watching replays of the wrecks, they will switch to a driver behind the accident car, who's camera gets completely covered with oil and dirt. Within seconds, you see all of that dirt and oil just move off to the side and you are looking at a clean camera again.

The only thing I can assume is a transparent reel-2-reel ribbon stretched across the lens/glass. Not sure if that's even possible, and if it was, I figured every now and then someone's ribbon would break or get stuck and then there would always be dirt when they switched to that camera, but nope, never seen that.

Well. you're pretty smart Dan.. That's exactly what they use.. Two motorized drums, with the same flexible clear plastic material used on windshield tear offs stretched between them.. They were originally developed for goggles used in dirt bike racing.. I think the use was first adapted for remote camera use by ESPN in the eighties.. I'm sure the technology has improved over the years, but I've never seen one fail.. Even when they were jury rigged..

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