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Leitz Leica

Leitz Leica
Leitz Leica
hey i got a old Leica DBP camera?

hey i have a Leica DBP camera ERNST LEITZ GMBH WETZLAR GERMANY black and silver in perfect condition im pretty sure it works the serial number is 824 461 it came with another lens buy leica and has some thing that is attached on the top of the camera im not sure what it is it kinda looks like the thing a doctor puts in your ear to examin it and if you can tell me what year and how much u think its prolly worth could you please tell me thanks

The "external viewfinder" is for the other lens.

Leica cameras and lenses vary in value, depending upon how rare it is and what condition it is in.

Run a roll of film through it an see if all the shutter speeds work ... they may not and the camera may need some cleaning and calibration before you sell it

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