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Leica Leitz

Leica Leitz
Leica Leitz
OLD Leica camera, how much is it worth?

My paternal grandfather (now dead) got a Leica camera equipped with many lenses and filters and the works in Germany a long time ago. He got the whole shebang for 6 packs of cigs.

It's in a leather and velvet case that says Leitz Leica on the top with the camera body, 4 lenses (plus 2 not in the case), 11 filters, wind up timer, light meter, cable release, something with a grid in it that I can't identify, and some kind of attachable adjustable viewfinder thing.

How much is it worth now if it works? If it doesn't work?

I haven't used it, but my dad told me there was a light leak the last time he tried to use it and the bottom half of the negatives were washed out, but it's been a long time so nobody knows if it works or not.

Thousands. If in good condition-the lenses, if the camera was restored-you could get even more. Though, it might be better to hold onto it, and use it to your own advantage; not many people can say they own a vintage Leica.

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