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kodak easyshare

kodak easyshare

Kodak EasyShare M1063 Review: Solid Basic Camera

The Kodak EasyShare M1063 is a powerful 10.3 mega pixel digital camera for consumers who are style-conscious. It consists of features such as face detection technology and HD Picture capture. This camera is available in stylish colors and is simple to use. Its small design is suited for both your pocket and your budget.

The features of this camera are rather basic and simple. The 3x optical zoom lens is above average at a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 32–96mm. It consists of an orientation sensor and a CCD sensor that will flip pictures automatically if the camera is held sideways. The battery life on the camera was satisfactory as about 150 pictures can be taken before the battery dies.
The face detection technology captures pictures with highlights and shadows with greater clarity through its touch technology. The scene models within the camera are nothing new and consist of the usual landscape, sports and portrait suspects along with candlelit scenes and blacklit subject settings.

Online reviews have praised the camera’s clever two-part plug that enables the battery to be charged by USB, either by plugging it onto your computer or the mains. The camera’s red share button also enables users to mark pictures to be emailed or printed.

The camera menus are simple and easy to use. The horizontal tabs make it easy to navigate from different sections. It is also a plus that the menus are transparent so you are able to see your picture through the menu.

Videos can be recorded at 15 frames per second in VGA 640x480-pixel resolution. This is sufficient for online video sharing sites such as You Tube. Certain video editing options are available on the camera.

The Kodak EasyShare M1063 cannot be started up quickly as the welcome screen logo cannot be switched off. The Burst mode is fast as it only takes two seconds to capture four images. However, many reviewers have criticized the fact that the screen turns black whilst taking an image. This makes it difficult to capture subjects such as a child or a pet which are likely to be moving.

The pictures taken by this camera are decent without any signs of distortion. Although purple fringing affects skylines and other high-contrast shots, it does not reduce the clarity of the picture. The flash on the camera can’t be adjusted and this makes it more difficult to take pictures in dimly lit areas.

Some reviewers state that they like the Kodak EasyShare M1063 because of its large screen and reasonable price of about $180. It is also generally preferred from the Kodak M1073. The camera is criticized for its lack of manual control and features.

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