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Kodak Easyshare

Kodak Easyshare
Kodak Easyshare

Useing Experience Of Kodak Easyshare Z7590

In 2005 PMA exhibition,kodak eleased two new Z series digital cameras EasyShare Z7590 and Z730 EasyShare.Both the two cameras use the KODAK KLIC-5001 Battery.the same as KODAK EasyShare Z7590 Battery and KODAK EasyShare Z730 Battery.

Kodak EasyShare Z7590 has 500 million pixels, 10 times optical zoom,use the Schneider (Kreuznach - Schneider Variogon)lens, its focal length is equivalent to traditional camera 38-138mm, Z7590 using 1/2.5 inches CCD, with 14 kinds of scene mode. Additionally Additionally this camera provides a 2.2 inches, 15.3 million LCD display pixel, Built-in 32MB flash memory and the Continuous AF speed 0.2 seconds. Besides this camera used the Kodak unique scientific colour Kodak Color chip, In enhancing the clarity of image edge, brightness and colour of abundance and reduce image distortion of performance has improved greatly. In the power supply, Z7590 using KODAK KLIC-5001 Battery.SD/MMC card support.

Kodak EasyShare Z730 and Kodak EasyShareZ7590 and perfect match,with base.One key to achieve Transmission and sharing.Editing, sorting, printing, or watching in simple method whit computer."One Touch to Better Pictures" can automatically adjust the ink-jet printer Settings,printing photographs of traditional quality on Kodak inkjet photo paper.

The batteries of the Kodak EasyShare Z730 and Kodak EasyShareZ7590 are also compare whit these camera battery: kodak easyshare dx6490 camera battery kodak easyshare dx7440 camera battery kodak easyshare dx7590 camera battery kodak easyshare dx7630 camera battery kodak easyshare p850 camera battery kodak easyshare p880 camera battery kodak easyshare z730 camera battery kodak easyshare z7590 camera battery kodak easyshare z760 camera battery

This article is the one I had published in another blog of myself.Saying about the Useing Experience Of Kodak Easyshare Z7590.

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