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Kit Sony

Kit Sony
Kit Sony
I have a Tamron 177D AF lens for Minolta SLR and planning to buy Sony a100 DSLR, is it a good lens or buy kit?

Im planning to buy a sony alpha a100 dslr, will my tamron 177d for minolta slr fit the sony a100 dslr, if yes, is it a good lens or just buy the kit?

The Sony A100 has a 1.5 focal length multiplier, so your Tamron 28-80mm zoom would effectively become 42-120mm.
As such, it's probably not so great as a standard zoom, and that's IF the electronics match up. I'm not sure if the old Tamrons meter properly on the A100. The AF shouldn't be a problem however.
If the 177D is your only investment in Minolta glass, I strongly urge you to consider the Canon 400D and the Nikon D80 as well. These are marginally more expensive and better than the Sony A100, and you'll have a much wider and deeper selection of lenses to start over with.
The kit lens for the A100 is a consumer grade 18-70 zoom (effectively 27-105mm). It costs about $100 as a kit with the A100, and it goes for under $200 sold separately. The kit lenses from Nikon and Canon are also low budget stuff. Their 18-55mm zooms are anyway. Nikon offered a decent 18-70 with the D70 and Canon packaged a good 17-85 with the 30D. Anyway, these are all 10 mega-pixel cameras that will brutally reveal every flaw, so don't skimp on lenses if you don't have to.
For in-depth reviews of the Sony/ Canon/ Nikon:
A100: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydslra100/page30.asp
400D: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos400d/page29.asp
D80: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond80/page29.asp

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