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Grip Canon

Grip Canon
Grip Canon
Can the Canon Wordtank series be used by non-Japanese speakers?

I am looking at getting a Japanese translator, and have come across the Canon Wordtank series. I have a grip on the basics of Japanese (hirigana and katakana) but i do not know any kanji.

Do the Canon Wordtanks have a option to put all the menus and screen options into English? If so, could you please tell me which models can.

Many thanks,

I use a wordtank and they work great, but I also know well over a thousand kanji. I don't think a wordtank would be very useful unless you already know at least 500 or so kanji.

The model I have (v80) lets you put the menus into English, but that isn't going to help you read the Japanese once you type in a word.

I suppose you can look every kanji you don't know up with the jump feature, but that will be some slow going.


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