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good photography camera prices

good photography camera prices
what is a good camera for photography that can take video also?

Just wondering what you guys think. If you have any ideas, can you list the price as well?
*nothing too expensive please*
ok, so it doesent have to be a really really super nice camera, because I know how to edit photos. But I'mlooking for a digital camera that takes pictures and video. and video lasting over 5 minutes.

Over the years I've had several Pentax Optio cameras.

They are small enough to fit in an Altoids tin (really) and good enough my needs. I'm just a casual photographer, but I take a lot of pictures and like to keep a camera handy--since it fits into my jeans pocket I always have it on me.

They run about $200-$300.

The new ones have about 10 megpix resolution, and you can choose a lower setting.

They shoot video, and record to the same memory card. Movies can be as long as you want, that will fit on the card. Shooting 30min-an hour isn't a problem.

Transferring pictures and video to your PC is easy. just plug in the camera, and drag-and-drop.

Here's a link:

Samsung TL220 DualView Screen 12MP 4X Zoom Digital Camera

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