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good cameras for photographers

good cameras for photographers
good camera for beginning photographers? not digital?

Look on eBay for a second-hand SLR camera.

There are a few awesome models that would retail for around $1,000 but are worth next to nothing because everybody is getting rid of their old film gear.

The only problem is lenses - you can however get a few good primes quite cheap (such as the 50mm f/1.8 for around $150)

For example... I got a 35-80mm stock lens for $20 (including a bag which I am using for my 40D) and a Canon EOS ELAN IIe for ~$70.
If bought new this would retail for quite a lot.

Take a look around on eBay and ask the seller questions such as what is the shutter count etc.

And being second hand you almost cannot go wrong with the price. If one doesn't work, just get another!

EDIT - Just a side note - the SLR cameras will (usually) own the non-SLR cameras in terms of photographic quality.
Unless you want a rangefinder... then sorry, all I can say is I have heard Lecia is a good model... but apart from that... never used, let alone touched a rangefinder.
Second note - Canon or Nikon are good for SLR's, not sure about the other cameras though, never used them! 😉

Canon PowerShot A480 - Power Shot What's in the box, Good Camera for the Price

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