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Glass Filter

Glass Filter
Glass Filter
I need help with the stained glass effect in the Photoshop filter gallery please.?

A few weeks ago I used the stained glass effect under the texture section in the filter gallery of Photoshop to make a photo of some stripes resemble a giraffe print with white 'grout' between the segments (it's what someone wanted). I need to do this again but I can't get the grout to go white - it's black. It was white the first time but I've no idea how I got it white. Any suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks.

To have the grout be whatever color you want it to be, select a color from the color swatch (i.e. white) or with an eye dropper. The color will show up at the bottom of the tool box and if you hover your mouse over it it will say "set forground color."

The grout turns out black because your foreground is set on black, and the background is probably on white. If you push "x" that is a short key for swapping the colors with one another, and "d" makes it go back to default which is, black as the foreground and white was the background. You could have accidentally pushed one of these keys.

I hope that helps!

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