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geneva photo camera prices

geneva photo camera prices

Goldvish Grace Mobile Phones - luxcellphone

Crafted in the heart of Switzerland, where the watchmakers tradition guarantees utmost precision andattention to detail.The GoldVish cell phone is designed by Emmanuel Gueit, who manages not only the design department of GoldVish, but also the stringent quality control.

Gueit has numerous very successful watch and jewelry designs to his name and is regarded as one of the most talented designers in the industry.And with a choice of 16 models, there is always the perfect Goldvish phone for every man and woman.

The elegant lines and beautiful presence of this unique cell phone are underlined by the tasteful use of numerous diamonds and top grain croco or stingray leathers for the backside.And it doesn't matter if you prefer rose, yellow or white 18 crt gold. Platinum is of course an option.

And the GoldVish is a true golden phone, because of the solid golden casing.No less than 140 gram of solid gold is used to assemble each GoldVish.The buttons and other details of this remarkable phone are finished with VVS1 top-quality diamonds, of course all with official certificates.

With the introduction of this remarkable cell phone, the Geneva based GoldVish company firmly establishes its position as leading in the exclusive segment of luxury personal communication.

Goldvish Le Million is the most expensive cell phone in the world, as Guiness Books of Records say. "Le million" has 120 carats worth of VVS-1 diamonds, and it was evaluated by the designer Emmanuel Gueit. If this mobile phone is out of your price range, they also have "common" models, at Geneva-based Goldvish.

Not everyone can buy a Dh5.8 million mobile that has made it into Guinness World Records as the most expensive phone in the world.

Now from the company that made the record-breaking Le Million comes a more modestly priced offering for those with less cash to flash but who still want a jewellery mobile phone.

GoldVish, the Geneva-based company that designs and manufactures luxurious and exclusive mobiles for people who won't settle for less than the best, has created a divine phone called Like Heaven.

This mobile is made of 18-carat gold and is studded with 11.30 carats of VVS diamonds. It comes in three versions - white, yellow and rose gold - and the price varies depending on which you choose. The white gold slice of heaven costs Dh802,000, the rose one is Dh790,000 and the yellow one is Dh767,000.

The phones are handcrafted and are each carved out of a 1kg block of gold.

"People use cellphones anytime and anywhere," Michel Morren, president of GoldVish Luxury Communication, told Emirates Business. "There is no doubt about it, a cellphone is a part of your life and is the simplest way to communicate with another person when they are out of your field of vision.

"However, there was not enough differentiation in the current market portfolio. The consumer brands were all fishing in the same lake and there was a huge vacuum in the high-end luxury market.

"We have entered the luxury segment because we believe that your personal communication deserves the very best. And we have combined haute couture, Swiss watch precision and jewellery craftsmanship with high technology and luxury.

"The GoldVish collection consists of phones made in yellow, pink or white 18 carat solid gold, with prices starting from Dh121,000 and going up to Dh5.8 million.

"They aren't your usual mobile phones, they are an exclusive accessory designed for people who value prestige. It's important to successful people to have individuality in the things they buy and these luxury phones certainly offer that."

However the phone is not just about bling - it has up-to-the-minute technology too.

Apart from the usual MMS and conference call facilities, it comes with an advanced high resolution 176x220 TFT display, high capacity Li-Ion 950mAh battery with up to 400 hours standby time, speaker with Crystal Clear technology, sapphire glass display, photo/video camera with optimised 8x zoom, CMOS lens, comprehensive MP3 player, worldwide FM radio, stereo sound, PC interchangeable 2GB memory for songs, pictures and movies, worldwide GSM coverage, GPRS Class 10, EDGE Class 10, USB and Bluetooth.

They also come with an exclusive ringtone - Vivaldi's Four Seasons performed by violin virtuoso Domenico Nordio.

The hardware and software was completely developed by GoldVish.

"They have state-of-the-art technology inside them," added Morren. "It means they can work in places where other phones can't and, because of the way they have been designed and built they can be upgraded to accommodate new technology."

As each part of the phone is hand-finished GoldVish manufactures a limited range of bespoke phones. These can be customised with personalised engravings and diamond settings and you can place an order at BinHendi.


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