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Fujifilm Finepix

Fujifilm Finepix
Fujifilm Finepix
Can I buy a fisheye lens for a Fujifilm Finepix s1500 camera?

I am looking for a Fish-eye lens for my fujifilm finepix S1500 camera or if there is not one available does anyone know of a reasonably priced digital fish-eye camera? Thank you!

If they made a digital fisheye camera you would have a choice but there an none at this time.

Your next option would be to an "add-on" fisheye effect lens that can be screwed on to the front of your S1500's lens if your lens has filter thread mounts. After checking the list of optional accessories for your camera the answer to that is no, it does does not have any optional lenses available.


If you want a true fisheye lens, you are going to have to move into a DSLR, however there is only one fisheye lens available for them, at least the entry level DSLR's, the Nikkor 10.5 mm fisheye. The cost for that lens and the entry level Nikon DSLR is in excess of $1,000 and my guess is you don't want anything with that quality.

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