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Format Camera

Format Camera
Format Camera
What is the best type of medium format camera?

as much info as possible....
what is a good cheap one to start with? Not a Holga or Diana
links are appreciated

It seems that everyone is trying to give you a digital option, yet you clearly mention two cameras that use film.

Here are some medium format cameras the are what the pros used to use before the digital option (and some still do).

Here is a list of brands and type medium format cameras (all using 120 film)

Fuji 645
Fujica 67
Mamyia (both TLR C330 and SLR 645 and RB 67)
Pentax 645 and 67
RolleiFlex and Rollei/Rolleicord

There were also some inexpensive, but fully adjustable TLR made by Seagull and Yashica

Here is a link that will give you access to the manuals for these cameras


The "digital" medium format option will cost you a minimum of $10,000 and I don't think you want to go there just yet.

Here is how the format sizing is broken down.

Large format = 4x5 inch or larger sheet film
Medium format = cameras that use 120 film (not 120 mm as some sites that sell LOMO cameras call them ... 120 film is only 70 mm in width)
Small format = any film from 35 mm or smaller which at one time included the so called "spy" camera made by Minox that used 8 mm film

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