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Flash Memory

Flash Memory
Flash Memory
Flash memory?

The concept of magnetic storage is easy to grasp - there is a magnetic material, which is magnetised by some sort of head which passes over a physical location on the material, and read in a similar fashion.

However, flash is something that has never been explained in such a simple fashion. How (physically) is the data stored? There is no mechanical head running over it, so how can a computer save to one part of it then know exactly where it is (even with some sort of fancy addressing system, it wouldn't explain the physical separation of data on the device).

So can someone give me a plain English description of how flash memory works, then after that the same theing in really techy language (don't be scared to get too techy, I'm a very computer-geeky-type person, but I just haven't learned much about flash).
Wikipedia gives me my techy explanation, but not a simple English one.

Why not find out here:


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