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Fisheye Lens

Fisheye Lens
Fisheye Lens
What do all these numbers mean on a fisheye lens?

I am looking to buy a fisheye/wideangle lens for my Nikon D60 but I am new to photography and I am not sure what they mean. I want one that will give me the widest angle I can get. I have seen them from .22x to .42 and I think I have seen .60 something. Let me know what this means. I want to be able to take up close pics, Wide angle pics and I want to get the cool looking Fish eye effect.

What your looking at are fisheye adapters, not a fisheye lens.

The numbers you refer to are multplication factors you multiply your lenses focal length by them to get the focal length the adapter will give you. As an example suppose you bought the .42 adapter and fit it to a standard 50mm lens, then multipling 50 by .42 gives 21mm. So you will get the same field of view as a 21mm lens. the .22X will give 50*.22 = 11mm and so on.

The image quality will not be the same as a genuine fishye lens, but they are expensive, you won't get all of the amazing depth of field and you will get more of the purple fringing that fisheye lenses are prone to when used with digital, but as a fisheye is a lens you won't use every day they do offer some of the effect very cheaply.


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