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Filter Sony

Filter Sony
Filter Sony
Digital cameras filter questions?

I just bought a sony h-9 and got 3 filters with it...

a UV, a CPL, and an FLD filter... can i use all 3 at the same time and does it matter in what order they are in?

UV= Ultra Violet
this is a good one to keep on your camera at all times to protect the lens from dust and scratches. plus blocks out uv light which causes a hazy look to photos/video on a sunny day.

CPL=Circular Polarizer Filter
remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and also saturates colors providing better contrast.

FDL=Fluorescent Glass Filter
for if you are shooting around fluoresent lights they can cause a greenish or yellow hues depending what kind but this will keep the colors true to life.

But generally with camera gear you use one at a time as needed for different situations. I keep my uv filter on at all times just for added protection hope this helps somewhat

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