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Filter Set

Filter Set
Filter Set
How do I set up an under-gravel filter in my aquarium?

My tank is 50 L (13 gal). I need to set up an under gravel filter, because the internal filter is not doing a good job. But I don't know how to set it up and Is it possible to set it up in an already set up tank? how much gravel do I need to set it up?

An undergravel filter is one of the best methods to reduce and remove ammonia from a fish tank. Once it is set up it is nearly trouble free.
The only bad thing is that it must be setup while the tank is empty. You place the under gravel platform(s) on the bare empty tank floor and insert the bubble tube(s). Then you add your gravel on top of the platforms. You should use varying sizes of gravel, larges on the bottom and going three or four sizes smaller on the next levels upward. This will help ensure that the filter does not clog up with decayed food and feces. The best thing to do next is put a power head on the bubble tube(s). This will greatly increase the water flow and filter function of your natural bio filter (under gravel filter).
You should also still use a external power filter attached to the rear or side of the tank to aid in filtration and water clarification. A "Bio Wheel" power filter is the best type to use either alone or with you under gravel filter. Setting up your tank with the under gravel filter with power heads and an external bio wheel power filter will enable you to add more fish than your tank would normally handle, and will keep your tank cleaner and healthier.

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