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Filter Nikon

Filter Nikon
Filter Nikon
Nikon D5000 filter lens cap?

I have recently purchased a Nikon D5000 and was told to buy a protective filter lens. Any Recommendations? Its a 52mm lens?

Look on your lens, there will be a symbol that looks like a "o" with a "/" through it. The number beside it is the filter size you'll need. Shop for a UV filter, they're cheap and clear. But, I'd recommend you go with a high grade optical filter, not the ones they sell in electronics stores. Those are OK, but you've got a good lens, why stick a cheap piece of glass in front of it? Look for a Hoya HMC, B+W, Heliopan, Tiffin, etc. They'll cost a little more, but are optically superior filters. All I use on my lenses are Hoya HMC's and B+W's. Oh and ignore so-called "digital" filters, it's a gimmick.

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