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Filter Kit

Filter Kit
Filter Kit
Is a pump and filter kit for fish pond neccesary?

Does it help keep the pond clean. My pond is 7x10. I have 2 fish in there would it still work having them in there? They can't get sucked up in the filter?

You probably don't need a filter on a small pond like that. As long as you have plants it should stay clean and keep in balance.

However, if you mean to say "clear" instead of clean then that's different. For instance, if you have trees nearby the leaves will fall into the water and make it dark. Your filter won't be able to handle leaves unless you can remove all the leaves.

The fish probably won't get sucked into the filter intake. The flow is too slow and the fish are smarter than that.

You don't really want a really clean pond anyway. Your fish (I'm assuming Koi or gold fish) will live off of algae in the pond so they won't need food. However, if you filter the water you filter out the food.

I recommend skipping the filter and investing in some lily pads or some other ornamental plants.

Who knows maybe some frogs will move in and you can listen to them croak all night.

OH! One more thing. Make sure you put a log or something in the pond so that it acts as a ramp out of the pond. If animals should fall in they can get stuck and drown. My parents have a pond and a skunk fell in and couldn't get out. It killed all the fish!

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