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Eos Rebel

Eos Rebel
Eos Rebel
Is there a way to change color on the Canon EOS Rebel XTI?

Ok, I have the Canon EOS Rebel XTI and just had a quick question. I know that you are able to change the color of an image to black and white(monochrome), but is there a way to change it on the camera to sepia tone? I have been trying to figure it out for a while now, so if you know anything please let me know, so that I am not wasting my time. Thanks!

You are "always" better off manipulating a digital image in the computer with a software program, such as Photoshop, designed to "process" digital imaging files any which way you want. I would suggest always shoot images in RGB, the normal mode of a digital camera. Then process the files in Photoshop in a gray scale or sepia scale (sepia has many tones), and anything else you desire. However, by shooting in the normal RGB mode, you can always go back to the color version of the scene -- NOT so if you do it in the camera. In any event, if you choose to do it in camera, go to your camera menu. Select "Picture Style" under tab# 2, scroll down until "tone effect," and select "sepia." I would highly advise NOT to do it in camera.

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