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Eos Digital

Eos Digital
Eos Digital

The Eos Digital Multi-Room Speaker System – Get Groovin!

Technological advancement has revolutionized the world of electronics and entertainment products. Right from the time it was launched; iPods have gained increased popularity and garnered the admiration of music lovers all over the world. iPods have given a whole new meaning to the term, ‘music on the go’. There may be times when you want to play music from your iPod to an audience, for instance like at a party. For such situations, iPod speakers are an ideal choice. A wide range of iPod speakers, manufactured by brands like Macally, Hercules, Cyber Acoustics, iLuv, MioStar, Altec, and Logitech, are available.

Tupelo Super Store has a wide collection of iPod speakers that deliver music tracks with great sound quality. Eos Digital Multi-Room Speaker System is a wireless audio iPod speaker system with a stylish white finish. The Eos Digital Wireless Speaker system consists of an Eos stereo base and a built-in subwoofer. The Eos Digital Multi-Room Speaker System also includes an Eos stereo satellite wireless speaker. This Eos wireless speaker system interfaces using the Eos GigaWave technology for broadcasting interference-free signals up to 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. The Eos iPod wireless speaker system can transmit to up to four Eos wireless speakers. Additional Eos wireless speakers in black or white are also sold separately at Tupelo Super Store.

For unmatched sound quality, the Eos Digital Multi-Room Speaker System integrates SRS Wow technology. For expanded functionality, you can also connect several other audio devices like computer, MP3 players, stereos, and radios, with the help of an auxiliary cable. The remote control, available with the Eos Digital Multi-Room Speaker System, can be used to control the base and core iPod functions. The Eos Digital Multi-Room Speaker System comes with five universal iPod adaptors for charging older generation models.

So get set to rock the music!

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