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Dslr Camera

Dslr Camera
Dslr Camera
How is a dSLR camera better than a regular digital camera?

I have an Olympus 4000 Camedia camera for 5 years that takes great pics. But I want to get more into photography and they all say to get a dSLR. But why? I'm looking at the Nikon D40 (hubby doesn't like the price) and the aperture for the lens seems really narrow. So I need to get more lenses? Is it really going to be that much better than my old one and why? Thanks in advance!

First...you can adjust the aperture.

Second, the lens quality is better on an slr. That alone is worth the extra money.

Yes, you will get more lenses, but it's not necessary. You could shoot with the basic lens forever if you want. But chances are you'll get more just because different situations call for different lenses.....depending on how serious you take your photography.

Overall.....better picture quality, the ability to adjust to every situation and every shot, and the ability to turn your camera into any kind of camera you want (ie-lenses, filters, flashes). It's DEFINITELY worth the extra money. Being able to get depth of field in your pictures is worth the price. That's what I hate most about my P&S.....NO depth of field. VERY annoying!

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