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Digital Rebel

Digital Rebel
Digital Rebel

EOS Canon Digital Rebel XTI Camera - The Best Entry Level DSLR Under $1000

If you have been using a point and shoot camera for many years, the jump to SLR photography can be a little daunting.   There are a couple of reasons for this.   Number one is the cost of SLR photography.  Typically, to get a nice camera and lens the cost can go upward to over $1000.   If you have been using a point and shoot for many years, you might remember that they once cost quite a bit and have come down in price.   So too, have the digital SLR cameras.    

The EOS Canon Digital Rebel Xti Camera specifically, and the Rebel line in general has been one of the most popular entry-level SLR cameras in recent years.   The XTi is known as an entry-level camera, but it out performs it’s entry-level stigma.  Noted for it’s excellent image quality and ease of use, it provides quality with a good value. 

Staying under $1000 should not be a problem with buying a body only or even the kit.   I have seen prices from $400 - $600 for the camera and on occasion the kit.   If you are comfortable with buying the body only, I would suggest a better lens then comes in the kit.   That lens is a 18-55mm.   One lens that would give you everyday versatility is the 17-85mm.  With that lens, you should be able to come in under the budget of $1000.

Finding a good, everyday camera that let’s you do what you want in photography can be a time consuming search.   The EOS Canon Digital Rebel XTI camera offers an unbeatable combination of performance, ease-of-use and great value. 





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Find out more details, read about the specs, and learn more about the great performance of the XTi at my website, EOS-Canon-Digital-Rebel-XTi. Would you like to purchase your camera for the best price on the internet? What about additional lenses? See my website at EOS-Canon-Digital-Rebel-XTi.

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