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Digital Rebel

Digital Rebel
Digital Rebel
What do you think about the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT?

I'm thinkin about buying this camera. I'm an amateur photographer, but plan on becoming professional and going to school and all that junk.

What do you think of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT? Anything I should know about it before I buy it? Any better cameras in the same price range? ($600 at the most)

If you have any suggestions or comments, it would help me out a lot.


Any current to 2 years new canon digital SLR camera has the horse power to take excellent pictures. If you are serious about photography, you should decide on a brand and stick to that brand, mostly because the cost of buying lenses will sink your budget very quickly. Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm all make hi-end DSLR's, you cant go wrong with any of them.As for the Canon XT you are looking at, it's a little older, replaced by the XTi. If you are buying it used thru E-Bay, I wouldn't do that. You want to have the camera in your hands before you fork out your $$$. Do not buy used cameras on any listing service where you can't confirm the sellers name, phone # and address. If the seller is a well known business, with a store front and address, then it might be a safe transaction.

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