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Digital Rebel

Digital Rebel
Digital Rebel
What kind of lens should I buy for Canon Digital Rebel Xti?

I'm more of a hobby photographer. I like to photograph things around me, like landscape and animals and people in natural settings. I've done my research and the Canon Digital Rebel Xti looks right for me. I'm not completely new to photography, but im new to these SLR cameras and i'm confused about what lens I should buy.

If you buy the kit, XTi comes with 18-55mm lens with it. This is great great lens for most beginners. If you are buying the body separately, there are number of lens you can chose. You can also buy the above mentioned lens.

If you are buying the body only, I suggest buying a good lens. Eventually you will realize that you want to do more than just photograph the landscape and animals. And then you will want to a good zoom lens with macro feature. So why waste the money later if you can buy a lens know at slightly higher cost.

Simply make sure that the lens is either EF or EF-S. These canon (or after market lens from Sigma or Tamron) can be used in any EOS rebel DSLR. So that even if you wish to upgrade your camea, you will still be able to use the lens.

28-250mm is a great all purpose lens that I have and is my favorite.


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