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Digital Camera

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital CAMERA...?

Okay soo i wanna kno if any of u guys kno of sum sites where u can win a cool digital camera w/out obligation to pay for n e thing. Well, in case u don't kno y i'm askin, i'm askin cuz i need one really quickly. i've been camera-less for a while now and frankly, i'm going crazy dude!! lol. But yeh my unk from Cali is coming home this week but i've asked other family members if they'd possibly buy me one but they said they didn't have the money for it. Idk wut to do!! i luv the Casio Exilim S10 and that the one i want but i have no way of getting it. Obviously i don't work (which is b/c my dad won't lemme). He's a doofus, but lemme jus get off that cuz thats a whole nother topic.

WELL plz help!! i mean this is an EMERGENCY.

There's a youtube contest for one. Search

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