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Digital Camera

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
What digital camera would you reccomend that takes good pictures and good quality videos?

Hi, I am looking for a digital camera that is under $200 and I'd like for it to be something that makes good quality videos with good sound for Youtube. And I want to take pictures on it too and I want one with clear nice pictures too. I also want it to have a long battery life. Any reccomendations? What else should I look for about the digital camera? Thank you for your help!

Hi! I highly recommend the canon powershot sd 1100 is. I recently got it for my birthday and absoulity love it. If you order on amazon.com, they sell it for $160. This camera takes high quality pictures that are super clear. It also takes good quality videos. You can take pictures and film in different modes, like color accent, which focuses on one color and everything is black and white, sepia, and just black and white. The battery life is long, because I used it nonstop for 2 days and the battery was still there(rechargeable). The. Camera comes in blue, pink, brown, silver, and gold. I have the blue one. Hope you get the canon powershot as 1100is. It's an amazing camera!

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