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Compact Digital

Compact Digital
Compact Digital
What's the best compact digital camera for someone who's into photography?

So I'm after a compact digital camera as I'll be traveling soon. I'm into photography and at the minute I'm self teaching myself but hoping to do some courses in the future.
I want a compact camera which will also allow me change settings etc.
Any recommendations for a camera or particular brand to go with?
I have a canon at the moment however it's a bit too bulky for my travels.

look for a point and shoot that enables you to change things like ISO, shutter and aperture. your pictures may not be as fantabulous (pre edited) as a dSLR, but if you can control at least 2 of those 3 things you should be able to take some great shots.

i have an oldschool 4.1mp sony with various lenses that can be used with it (not a dslr - it's more or less a point and shoot), with it i was able to take great shots. if you're serious about photography though, you really should shell out a little more money for at the very least an entry level digital SLR camera. they're a little more expensive, but you can do SOOO much more with them. Nikon d40 for instance, is a great entry level camera, it's not small but it's smaller than it's more expensive counterparts. http://www.deviantart.com <-- do a search for nikon d40 and you'll see the great shots you can get with it. if you insist on a pocket sized point and shoot, you're going to generally give up flexibility and control, but that won't necessarily stop an artistically inclined photographer.

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