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Charger Panasonic

Charger Panasonic
Charger Panasonic
Anyone know about a Panasonic camcorder model # wv-d5000 or wv-d5100hs?

I need to know if they are Still good camcorders, with TECHNOLOGY changing so quickly and all.
Any idea what a used one would be worth, including the charger and all?
Any information would be help full. They are supposedly Professional grade units, whats your informed opinion?
Thank You

These are not camcorders, they are just cameras (as in webcam). They were widely used by Cable TV companies for their local origination programs and a few wedding event videographers. They produce an analog (SD) ntsc composite video output which requires a separtate recorder. I used a portable SVHS recorder with mine. They came in many different configurations and options, be sure that you get a power supply, not a charger, as they don't work on batteries. The 8x lens is auto focus, the 12x lens is not. They might be useful if you intend to have a studio where the camera is connected to a video mixer. Otherwise the whole analog video regimen of 25 years ago is mostly obsolete. A price of $100 for a complete operating setup seems fair to me.

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