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Charger Jvc

Charger Jvc
Charger Jvc
How do i install my Jvc Navigation Unit to My 2006 Dodge Charger?? It wont Calibrate!!?

Most Navigation Units work without having to connect the speedwire (pink wire) to the head unit, but Jvc says it has to be done. Where is the location of this particular wire on the Dodge Charger and how hard is it to get to? or where can i get the info to do this own my own rather than go to the dealer or some costly audio shop?

i work for dodge i have never heard of this pink speed wire your not going to get out of going to the dealer on this the radios have what is called a can bus if you mess with it it may turn on your check engine light and you cant the get the info on it yet they stopped making books and on the net you have to be a dealer to look at it and the navigation system we install have to be programmed with a star scan my best solution to you is get your money back and buy a dodge factory navigation radio

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