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Case Panasonic

Case Panasonic
Case Panasonic
Panasonic Neo PDP versus Samsung LED 200hz 8 series?

Ok so i am thinking of purchasing one of the above. The Panasonics look like better Pop for your pound but... I am very concerned about this 600 hz stuff on the Panasonic. I suspect it is not actually the refresh rate as they are trying to insinuate. I have seen the 200hz samsung and in some cases the image is so good it almost seems like computer generated! If this is the case at 200hz then surely at 600 hz the image wil be overkill resulting in a high end game quality? am I missing something? is it really 600hz refresh rate or not? Also, what is actually better, LED or plasma? which will last longer? and I am also wondering which will be better dealing with heat resistance if i install on a wall over the fire place? Any help or advice is welcomed! thank you in advance!


You've got trapped by the marketing lingo that most consumers do. I wish there was a consumer watch group to stop them from doing this and instead just say use the bleeding truth to explain things.

Anyway, the deal is you're looking at two way different technologies. LCD is inherently flawed with motion playback. It suffers from motion blur (ghost trails). Hence the reason you get 100Hz or 200Hz sets. This is meant to compensate for that flaw. It does a solid job, though its not 100%. And you pay a huge price premium for this feature.

Plasma, is more like old fashioned CRT (tube) TV sets. It has a near instantaneous response time. It will playback fast motion flawlessly right out of the box, all the time. You don't have to pay for some fancy upgrade. The 600Hz is a sub-field motion drive, its not a refresh rate. So what's a sub-field motion drive you ask? Marketing! Its basically a way to make it sound like Plasma has a monstrously better refresh rate with a number value. But in reality the technology doesn't work like an LCD at all in that respect.

LED LCD vs Plasma - Plasma is WAY better bang for the pound. Plasma will give you better color, truer blacks, and deeper contrast right out of the box. Plasma is flawless in fast motion playback. LCD has to put in LED backlighting to improve color, blacks, and contrast, and charges you massive $ for it. LCD has to come up with faster refresh rates to compensate for bad motion playback, and again will charge you massive $ for it.

Which one will last longer - neither. Once you get into high end TVs they are all rated to about the same hours. Its in around 60,000 - 100,000 hours (the ones you're looking at would be more in the 100,000 hour range). 100,000 hours, if you were watching TV 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, would mean, realistically, you would only lose about 10% of the brightness of the set after 10 years. So the set should easily last until technology is at a point that demands you upgrade anyway.

Heat resistance over a fire place - probably the LCD if push comes to shove. While the current Plasmas are way better than the old ones, they are still likely to run a bit hotter than an LCD, so then adding heat from the fire would add even more ambient heat to them. But again, with modern models, I don't think you would be realistically be looking at significant differences.

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