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Case Kodak

Case Kodak
Case Kodak
Is getting the Kodak EasyShare C190 Red 12MP a good choice?

My parents asked me what I wanted for XMAS and I looked up some cameras and I found the Kodak C190 at Wal Mart and it comes with a case and a battery charger for 109. Is this a good bundle for a teenager who likes taking pictures?
Thanks for the help and Happy Holidays.

Well, as you can probably tell by my points total, I spend quite a bit of time on these forums. I can say that I have probably seen more questions concerning problems with Kodak Easy Share cameras and software issues that any other. It could just be the USER that is the real problem, but you still have to wonder.

I do know that Kodak has long been a major first class maker of film and other products, but their cameras have never been anything to equal the cameras made by Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, etc, be it either a film or digital camera.

I would tend to suggest you get a camera from one of the above makers rather than any Kodak.

Just my two cents opinion though.


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