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Case Casio

Case Casio
Case Casio
Is my casio camera broken? :(?

A waiter dropped it in a pitcher of sangria at a restaurant... i grabbed for it pretty fast so it was only half way in for about 5 seconds. And then i turned it on and it was working fine. I probably took 10 or 15 more pictures that night so i assumed it was fine. I forgot about it and went to bed and left it in the case. The next morning i woke up to look at my pics and it wouldn't turn on. I charged the battery and when i put it in the operation light on the camera comes on but is orange and then fades to light green and nothing else happens... the screen won't turn on and the lens won't move or anything.... can anyone tell me if my camera is trash or do i just need a new battery or something?

It is probably broken. The circitry is probably not working becuase of the liquid. It probably could be repaired by a pro, but that would cost more than the camera is worth.

My advice is to invest in an Olympus Stylus 790SW.

It has 7.1 megapixles, and is waterproof up to five feet.
Price: $350

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