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Case Canon

Case Canon
Case Canon
Does anyone know if there is a good case or LCD protector for a Canon SX100?

Basically looking for a nice bag that would fit it perfecting, even better if there is one specifically made for it. Also heard there was a LCD protector made for it was well, but dont know where to get it. Any help would be great.

am not sure about lcd screen protectors from canon, but sony do have them and all you have to do is specify lcd screen size
just got mine for my sony dsc t70, 3" screen size
and believe me, i needed it pretty badly cause it's touchscreen operated and i gladly parted with $7 for that
they also have them for 2.5" & 3.5" ... that i know of

not sure about your screen size, but i guess it's 2.7" > in which case if sony does not have a 2.7", you can buy the 3" & cut out the extra portion with a pair of fine scissors

just sharing my limited knowledge, cause there's no reason why canon should not be having it ... just that i do not know

as far as cases, plenty many optionals available and sure something should fit just right ... and all the best on that

supplies and accessories for your sx100
note that the Deluxe Soft Case PSC-100 $19.99 is compatible with the sx100 only ... so just right that !

and as far as your lcd screen protector, 2.5"
closest i could locate was from sony india

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