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Card Canon

Card Canon
Card Canon
What is the maximum capacity CF card that will work well in a Canon XTi?

I am thinking about a 16GB CF card 150X or better for a Canon XTi DSLR camera. There are some inexpensive CF cards out there. Is there a wide margin of difference in recording speed for all 150X CF cards. Also, is there much of a difference in recording quality regarding image sharpness, contrast, and color depth based upon the make of the CF card?

The only limit I am aware of is that compact flash under the current CF specification (4.1) capacity is limited to 137GB. The largest commercially available CF cards are 64 GB so it should work fine with those.

Prior to 2000 cameras only supported FAT file system which was limited to 2GB. However modern cameras including the XTi can use FAT32 so don't have that limit.

Always be a bit skeptical about the speeds manufacturers claim. Often they don't reflect the speeds you will achieve in real life.

The brand of card does not affect image quality. As the camera will be saving the exact same bits on to the CF card.

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