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Cap Nikon

Cap Nikon
Cap Nikon
What slr camera would you recommend: Nikon D5000, Nikon D90 or Canon T1i?

I'm a amateur photographer mainly looking for taking family/kid photos. Want to upgrade to a dslr camera - basic, easy to use, plus video capability so I dont have to lug my camcorder around too. Seems like Canon and Nikon are the best and those are the ones that are in my price range, has video cap. Thought about sony too but not many recommend that over Nikon and Canon.

If your mainly for taking picture I would recommend Nikon D90.It is a great semi-pro level while D5000 and T1i are entry level camera.D90 come with more professional features.Picture quality is excellent and also take good 720 video.

but if you want good video then Canon T1i is your good choice cause it take 1080 video.

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