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Canon Powershot

Canon Powershot
Canon Powershot
How is the video on the Canon Powershot SX10IS?

Does the Canon Powershot SX10IS take good video, does anybody know?

And is there anything I might find disappointing about that camera, other than its bulk?

(If you can suggest one that takes better video and is smaller in physical size, it would be appreciated.)
Oh--and does it take pictures fast or no? I don't like having to hold the button down for five years before it takes the picture.

I have seen results from that camera, but only photos, not video.
The pics were fine, I bet the video is, too.

There are several VERY good things about that camera: the huge optical zoom, the flip out screen which you will learn to LOVE, and the amount of manual control which will allow you to really learn and experiment.

It has shutterlag, ALL P&S camera's do. If you want to have zero shutterlag, you need to spend the dollars for a DSLR.

It also has low light issues, just like they all do, but that is something you can learn to overcome/deal with if you study a bit about photographic principles.

It is a good camera, and pretty much the best thing you'll get without going to a DSLR.

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