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Canon Powershot

Canon Powershot
Canon Powershot

Canon Powershot Sd880 is and Samsung I8 Digital Camera Review

Copyright (c) 2009 Richard Walker

When buying a digital camera, you have either a choice to get a solid camera performer or a versatile shooter that can do many tricks, but still take good pictures. Here are two wonderful cameras that may suit one of your preferences and your budget as well.

Canon PowerShot SD880 IS

The Canon PowerShot SD880 IS is a slightly high-end camera that is priced around $250, which is not bad for a 10-megapixel shooter that has splendid photo quality. In fact, the sleek design and the photo quality alone is what makes this camera winner.

Features and Components

The excellent image quality is backed by the new DIGIC 4 Image Processor - the successor of the DIGIC III Image Processor found in the lower-end cameras. This is a combination of technologies that improve Face Detection, adds Servo AF, better corrects contrast, and captures enhanced photos. There is some noticeable fringing when photos are taken, but the new image processor makes the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS a powerful point and shoot camera even on automatic modes.

Advanced users will like the different shooting modes to capture all sorts of subjects and the 4x optical zoom can allow great high-resolution shots that don't look very pixilated. Like other Canon Cameras, the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS has the same Print/Share button that allows easy printing or sharing of photos.

Bottom Line

The Canon PowerShot SD880 may not have the best button placement for some, but it is a top performer in the point and shoot category.

Samsung i8

The Samsung i8 is a cheaper alternative that easily captivates in look. But it sacrifices a bit of the camera quality in exchange for adding fun features that a selected bunch will enjoy.

Features and Components

On the camera side, the Samsung i8 can take photos up to 8 megapixels. It has a decent image processor that can bump up the image clarity a bit and has some functions that can automatically correct the exposure or contrast balance. It also has 5 levels of sharpness, contrast, saturation for photo enthusiasts to get the perfect picture. The zoom function isn't very impressive, but the other features like Digital Image Stabilization and Face Detection should allow for some pretty impressive shots.

The Samsung i8 is able to play MP3s and supports SRS Wow HD and surround sound modes. Headphones can be plugged into the camera and the neat multitasking feature allows you to take pictures or view slideshows while jamming to the music. The only drawback to this is that it drains the battery much quicker.

Fortunately, the Samsung i8 doubles as a portable multimedia player as well and can play full-length movies as long as it fits in the card. It is also capable of reading certain text formats and comes with a World Tour Guide Information feature that provides useful information on destinations.

Bottom Line

Nothing really excels in the Samsung i8, but the combination of different features and exceptional camera functions make this multi-purpose device worth the $180.

About the Author

Richard Walker runs the web site http://www.camerareview-blog.com , a web site dedicated to SLR cameras, covering the latest news from the major manufactures including Nikon, Canon PowerShot, Kodak reviews, and Samsung.

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