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Canon Nikon

Canon Nikon
Canon Nikon
Which of these two brands is better Canon or Nikon?

I want to get a dslr camera. but I question I have is which brand is better in the long run canon or nikon? I am looking for durability, and built quality, under $1000 bucks. Which of the two brands is better on the long run? as I intend to use the camera every day so it would have to take a pounding of pressing buttons, changing lenses. etc so it would have to last. I want to get a rebel t1i because of its resolution screen and the pixels.

Neither is better. Both are very durable, if they weren't the pros would NOT use them.

The Rebel is an entry level Canon DSLR. Nikon makes entry level DSLR's as well

Which camera system you choose has much more to do with which system will provide the tools you will need now and in the future. Which camera system will enhance your work-flow as your work more and more.

To decide which of the two camera systems fits your subject, style and skills, do this:

Go into a camera store and see which of the cameras fits your hands the best.

See which cameras menu is the easiest for you to use to make changes in ISO, camera resolution, white balance, mode switching and make EV changes.

Finally, take a SD card with you and test each camera at their highest and lowest ISO as well as when using the white balance that matches the light in the store as well as with it in the "auto white balance" mode.

Once you get home and are able to see the results on your large computer monitor, you will know which camera is better for YOU, not us

Take your time before you decide. Once you choose one, you will be married to it for decades and the cost of changing to the other system will cost you nearly as much as a divorce

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