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Canon Lens

Canon Lens
Canon Lens
Do you know where to find a canon lens adapter/mount for video cameras?

I am looking for an adapter/mount for canon lenses (nikon as well) for video cameras. I had run across the manufacturer a while back and lost the page. So i know it exists but do not know the name. It did have a remote control focus thing-a-majig.

Also I am not looking for the Redrock or Letus 35mm adapters I am looking for an all-in-one EOS adapter.

if you just happen to have the Canon XL1 or 2 as your video camera, then Canon made an EOS adapter available for shooting with Canon's EF series photo lenses. Cost is over $450 US and part number is 3162A002.

using this adaptor results in a 7.2x magnification factor with your 35 mm EF lens. great for nature shooters that only need super telephoto lenses. If you think this adaptor will give you the cinematic feel of a Letus, you are quite mistaken.

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