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Canon Ixus

Canon Ixus
Canon Ixus
How can I trick my Canon IXUS 65 (Powershot SD630) to keeping a wider aperture?

The Canon Digital IXUS 65 (sold as Powershot SD630 in the US) does not let you directly control aperture or shutter speed manually. The "manual" mode is really a program AE mode. Mine keeps giving me an aperture of f/2.8 when I'm taking photographs of buildings (and most outdoor shots, actually, but particularly buildings). This consistently gives me too narrow a depth of field. Does anyone have any ways of tricking it into keeping a wider aperture?
Duh, sorry guys! Yeh, I know I got my numbers the wrong way round... I want a narrower aperture... Wrote my question at 3 am feeling a bit tired and confused... Thanks for your answers though - you worked out what I meant!

Actually a wide aperture is 2.8 (small f number)......you want a smaller aperture (which is a higher f number).

You should perhaps try different settings...
You could press the infinity button (the one with the 2 mountains on it). You should press this button if your subject is more than 3m (9.8ft) from the end of the lens. It might apply a larger f number.
Also, adjusting the ISO will apply a different aperture and shutter speed.
The brighter the subject, the smaller the f number the camera will apply (which will give more depth of field).
Maybe you should also try some of the other scene modes or try adjusting the exposure as well.
Good luck

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