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Canon Eos

Canon Eos
Canon Eos
What is the difference between the 200mm of a Canon S3IS to a 200mm of a Canon EOS 30D?

I want to know if there is a difference in the magnification of a Canon PowerShot S3IS and a zoom lens for Canon EOS 30D.

The S3IS has a range from 36mm to 432mm in 35mm film camera equivalent. People relate back to 35mm film lenses as the benchmark.

As the sze of the image sensor on the EOS 30D is not 35mm, to convert the lens view to 35mm equivalent, you need to know the crop factor. On the 30D the crop factor is 1.6, so a 50-200mm lens has a maximum focal length of 200mm x 1.6, or 320mm.

To have the same maximum zoom on the EOS30D as the S3IS, you need a 432/1.6 = 270mm lens.

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