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Canon Eos

Canon Eos
Canon Eos
I have the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xt aand I dont know how to use the manual settings?

I have the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xt aand I dont know how to use the manual settings on it. Like the buttons with the "A" and the "TV" and stuff. I've checked out the website and I didnt help. I do not have a book of directions to help me out either. If you could try and help explain to me how to use them and what they do thanks 🙂 or send me some helpful websites

The owner's manual explains it pretty good. Here's a manual I found that you can download in the sources. I can offer up an explanation if you need more when I have more time to answer. Go to chapter 5 (page 79 of the manual) for the best information.

Basically Tv is shutter priority... you set the shutter speed and it adjusts the aperture to get a proper exposure.

Av is Aperture priority. You adjust the aperture (so you can control the depth of field) and it adjusts the shutter speed to get a proper exposure.

M is manual exposure. You set both aperture and shutter speed to get your desired exposure.

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