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Canon Digital

Canon Digital
Canon Digital
How do you properly store a Canon Digital Rebel Lens?

How do you properly store a Canon Digital Rebel Lens?

(when it is already detatched and the lens cap is put back on)

1) Place both the rear and front lens caps on, otherwise the rear contacts could get damaged or dirty.

2) Place the lens back into a plastic bag and then place a packet of moisture absorbing chemical into the bag with the lens. This will inhibit the growth of fungus on the lens. In a pinch, if you don't have any moisture absorber, some rice or clean kitty litter inside a sealed coffee filter will do to absorb moisture. Close the plastic bag to keep moisture out.

3) You can put the lens into its padded container if it came with one, or into a camera bag. Avoid putting it into a situation where it will be damaged by striking other objects.

4) Don't store the lens on its side; store the face up or face down. If you put the lens on its side, there's a chance it could roll if not in a container.

5) Periodically check the lens and work the aperture to prevent the oil from gumming.

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