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Canon Digital

Canon Digital
Canon Digital
How do I upgrade the lens of my canon powershot digital camera?

I have a canon digital camera with a 4x optical zoom. what kind of lens do i look for to upgrade to higher zoom? I am pretty camera dumb but am getting into pics so want a camera that wont get blurry upon getting far a way pics.
I found telephoto lenses that are 3x does that mean that my new zoom would be 7x since I already have a 4x or does it replace what the camera already has? This is where I am getting confused.

Most cheaper non-DSLR cameras will not allow you to upgrade: the most you could hope to do is get an adapter piece and a telephoto mount for it.

This only works if you actually spent good money on that camera, though since most don't afford it. Plus, telephotos are not worth the money if the zoom is that low, so you should just get a new camera in my opinion.

Edit: A telephoto will compound with your camera's optical zoom, so 4x3 = 12x zoom.

I should warn that most telephotos tend to make it more difficult to hold your camera in a balanced way and usually require their own stands if you want a clean shot.

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