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cameras recommended for photography

cameras recommended for photography
what model camera is recommended for taking professional portraits, both adults and infant/children?

I have just started my own photography business taking portraits of infants and children and will do family portraits, etc. I currently am using a Canon Rebel XTi, which is fine as a starter camera, but I want to start researching my next camera/lenses and could use some professional advice.

For better studio portraits, it has always been recommended to use a low ASA rated larger format film - which limited one to Mamyia and Hasselblad cameras. Nowadays with digital, and the abilities inherent in computer manipulation, this maxim has somehow been pushed to the background, so the basic camera is not that critical anymore. Upgrade to the Canon D400 or comparable variants in other brand. I use a Nikon D40. In all events I recommend using a 105mm lense for portrait work - give a nice frame, and excellent depth of field at around f-4/f-5.6 (which is the best for achieving excellent depth of field in doing portrait studies).

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