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cameras photography

cameras photography
I have a samsung s760 camera, not the best of cameras but I really want to get into photography, need advice?

Can you give me some beginners advice?
I love taking pictures but I know nothing other than point and take a picture. I want this to be my new hobby. I can't afford a SLR camera or a photography course.
Where do I start?

Photography is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by lots of people all over the world. It’s a very enjoyable passtime, but also a very technical one.

There’s a bewildering range of cameras, lenses and accessories, and photographers also have to get to grips with computers and image editing software packages.

It can get very confusing, especially for newcomers to the hobby, and there always seems to be something to new to learn, even for experienced photographers.

To get the lowest noise, most digital cameras work best at ISO100, so use this setting and a tripod for best results. You don't want to take a great image, only to find the noise unacceptable - especially if you want to try and sell your images, or get them published.

However, be very careful of camera shake if you're hand-holding your images. It's better to use higher ISO than risk camera-shake - noise is preferable to a lack of sharpness in most pictures.

Even on a tripod, if it's windy or your tripod is set up on sand, don't risk low ISO as you may still get camera shake. If you have time, take one shot at high ISO and one at low, then compare the two images later by viewing at 100% zoom on your computer.

Doing these comparisons for most techniques will improve your photography immensely, and make future decisions second nature, so that when you have to work quickly, you'll know what to do.

Depth Of Field Photography Tips Tutorial - Learn how to take great photos.

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