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cameras for a photography studio

cameras for a photography studio
Setting up mini photography studio....?

My sister and I are wanting to set up our own studio for taking our kids' pictures. We both just got our own Nikon d40x's for Christmas (yes - we were spoiled!). My sister is looking at actual photography studio kits on ebay.....and from what I can tell, other than possibly a slave flash on our camera with a possible diffuser - all we would need are regular lights to take away the shadows in the back......
Would this work? or do we "need" to get the umbrellas, stands, lights, etc. What's the cheapest way to start this out - while getting good quality pictures?

You should have at least one umbrella or softbox to use, with a strobe. It will give you better control of your lighting, diffusing it and taking some glare away.

If you dont want something the size of full studio equipment, go here: strobist.blogspot.com, and look thru the site. It is about modifying light from flashes to work for different situations. Generally cheaper and easier to use in a home studio.

Photography Studio Space And Camera Settings - New Photo Biz

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